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No more borders for banking

Let’s travel

Mobile bank, with a special focus on families with children. Online banking for business, with a special focus on Travel Industry. Unified Loyalty Program. Payment System.

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About the product

Travel Union is the Sole Ecosystem for Individuals and Travel Partners. Our mission is to solve the problems of two markets and connect them delivering mutual benefits. We are creating a product for major and currently unattended customer groups - Families with kids and Travel industry.

Let’s make banking fun!

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Modern Mobile Bank

  • Remote onboarding in few moments
  • Multicurrency account with a personal IBAN number
  • Remote free payment card order and delivery in three days
  • Supported family functions with Kids’ account
  • Free payment cards for Kids
  • Worldwide payments without commissions
  • Cashback for purchases in #TIME
  • Best prices and luxury travel benefits from Travel Partners
  • Uncompromised account security

Unified Loyalty Program

  • You spend money and WE GIVE YOU CASHBACK in #TIME
  • #Time is nonburning
  • You can merge #TIME with family members, friends or give away
  • #Time convertible to cash or other programs’ loyalty points
  • Get FREE UPGRADE while you travel (when upgrades are available)
  • Access to SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for traveling services
  • Pay for your travel or other goods with EARNED #TIME
  • Best prices and luxury travel benefits from Partners
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Online banking for Business

  • Multicurrency business accounts
  • Physical POS Terminals
  • Below-market (up to 75% lower) commissions for acquiring and payments
  • Instant settlements within Travel Union Payment System
  • Access to sell additional services to TU clients
  • Ability to increase average check through consumer loans provided to TU clients
  • Liquidity support to soften seasonality of the travel business
  • Unified #TIME loyalty program system. Or we can create and provide an individual one within our platform.

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Kids' account

  • Remote Kids’ onboarding in few moments
  • Kids’ account with separate IBAN number, linked with one of the parents
  • Remote free payment card order and delivery in three days
  • Free cash withdrawals from any ATM (up to the parent set limit)
  • Both, Parent and a Kid, can Block/Unblock the card easily
  • Parent can make instant money transfer to Kid's account
  • Parent will get instant notifications and can view all actions of the child
  • Parents can add as many Kids accounts as it is needed

Meet Our Team

The Travel Union team sees banking
in a different way.

We want to change the existing rules of banking and shape new ones.

Together we are creating a leading high-tech Mobile & Internet Bank.

We all have one vision – to accelerate the banking future… and that’s what makes us a team of superheroes!

Raman Korneu
Manfredas Bekeris
Tomas Navickas
Ferdinand Tuinstra
Audit & Risks Advisor
Stanislav Anaskov
General Manager
Arunas Krusas
Security Manager
Lukas Plachtinas
Software Developer
Viktorija Navickė
Marketing Manager
At this moment we are looking for:
Mobile App developer

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We care about the environment

company, community, city, country, the World

We contribute and support sustainable products that help reduce environmental impacts.

You don’t want to travel in a polluted world.

Clean up the World,
clean up the mess in your finances.

Clean up the mess in your finances – Clean up the world!