Play the Digital game or Try app demo first​

You will be assured that it is worth waiting for real action in your new Mobile banking account.

  • review and test functionalities of the Travel Union mobile banking app or skip this step
  • read privacy policy and terms&conditions​
  • enter phone number ​
  • enter 5 digits that you received via SMS ​
  • enter your login code ​
  • confirm with fingerprint/face ID ​
  • allow access to contacts, location, camera
  • show your face from far​
  • show your face from close​
  • choose document type (just ID card or passport are authorized)​
  • take a photo of chosen document​
  • wait a moment, your documents proceeded

Don’t let old school banking kill the fun!​

Be the first one who downloads and tries the demo of  Travel Union app. Trust us, and it will be worth waiting for the real action in your new Mobile banking account.