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Digital Game

Waiting is boring... so before releasing Travel Union MOBILE BANKING APP with e-money functionality, let's test the app by playing, hunting QR Codes, and wining valuable prizes!


Our first hunting will take place in Greece ​

Every QR Code is worth  5 min in #TIME that will appear in the APP balance

Prizes of this round

  • 5 vouchers for one-week stay at a stunning Greek hotel
  • 2 tickets for a one-day luxury cruise

Clue Nr. 1

Owner of this company has two daughters – Daniela & Erietta. The name of the company comes out from the combination of the 3 first letters of each girl’s name. As soon as you find 6-letter name, do not forget to add the word: yachts
Search facebook for QR code.

Clue Nr. 2

The name of this hotel, located on the island of Crete  in the region of Malia, hides the Greek  word “sand” and the English word “beach”.
Search facebook for QR code.

Clue Nr. 3

The name of this company is composed of 2 words. ❗️ The first word is Latin for the bird of Zeus, carrying the thunderbolts which the wrathful god hurled at his enemies. ❗️❗️ The second is hidden in the rebus.

Search facebook for QR code.

Clue Nr. 4

The name of this hotel located on the island of Crete is composed of 3 words. Solve them, connect and you will have the solution! ❗️The first word is a German name for the boy meaning “famous for his experience”, ❗️❗️ second is an English adjective meaning “relating to a king, queen or other sovereign”, the ❗️❗️❗️third is the English word for “a female of a horse”.

Search facebook for QR code.

Clue Nr. 5

This hotel is located on the island of Crete  and its name is composed of 5 words. ❗️The first is the name of its location (a seaside village in the Mylopotamos municipality), and ❗️❗️the second is an English word for an astronomical object or a celebrity. ❗️❗️❗️ As soon as you find the first two words, do not forget to add the words: “Resort Boutique Hotel”.
❗️+ ❗️❗️+ Resort Boutique Hotel = 🎯

Search facebook for QR code.

Clue Nr. 6

This Greek company’s name is composed of 3 words. ❗️The first is a word that in Greek means ❤️ “love”. ❗️❗️The second, is a reference to this place’s unique location – something sandy and refreshing. ❗️❗️❗️And the third is English for a place where many people go for rest, sport, or another purpose.

Search facebook for QR code.

Collect all 6 QR Codes and you will participate in the lottery for The Prizes of the first round

Winners will be announced first Monday after the game (2020-07-01).

Have the answer?

It will lead you to the QR Code. 

Find and scan it with the Travel Union app scanner.
 (a little hint - dig social media )


Game Rules

6 different puzzles - 6 QR Codes to hunt. Everyone with six hunted QR Codes will participate in the lottery to win the Prizes Of The Round.
The right answer leads to the digital place where the QR Code is hidden. ​Find and scan it with the Travel Union app.
Each QR Code is also worth 5 min in #TIME. ​Collect #TIME in your account balance, and after the official launch, convert it into cash.

So, let's get started!

  • Download the Travel Union App
  • Get on-boarded
  • Play the game

You can also review the demo mode of the future functionalities to make sure you like the APP look and feel.

How to become a hunter​

Hunt a QR Code by solving digital clues, not even leaving your couch.​

Your weapon is Travel Union mobile app that will help you to capture the QR Code by scanning it.

Win valuable prizes of the game​

be sure you have a trip in your pocket after lock down is over

Collect #TIME on your app balance ​

after the launch convert it to CASH or other goods

Become exclusive customer​

the first 5000 people that onboard with Travel Union Mobile App will be included in our "Special Customer List" with exclusive benefits

Try app demo​

no risk - try the demo before onboarding: review and test functionalities of the Travel Union mobile banking app